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Food and photography is our love. 

Were a north east photography studio specialising in  food, drink , leisure and hospitality photography and moving image. We Love food, good venues and photography and were pretty good at combining all three.  

Over the past decade we've collaborated with dozens of brands, ad agencies, creative directors, authors,  publishers, and media companies in the culinary, design, health, and travel worlds on projects both large and small. Our images focus on the natural beauty, distinctive textures and the way light turns my subjects into something magical.

Were  here to collaborate and brainstorm projects, as well as help you create beautiful content within the challenges of this new Covid-19 world. Prior to the shoot, we’ll discuss scope, goals, art direction, timeline, budget, and all the details necessary to ensure a smooth project and an excellent outcome. The health and safety of our crew and anyone on set is our top priority and our primary goal is to reduce person to person contact by minimizing the number of people on set. During the shoot, my team makes sure we stay in touch with you via screen sharing and remote art direction.

Wed love to chat to you about your future projects and help you win building your visual brand.

With two studio in Hexham and Newcastle we can shoot on location or at out studio. We'd love to meet you! 


Sean and the team . 

Gulp Studio. 

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